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Shad Darts 2pack

  • $3.99 CAD

We've tested numerous colors and sizes and have found that the lighter shad darts in 1/32 and 1/64oz work best on fly rods. The 1/16oz is best for ultralight spinning gear with a full spool of 4lb or lighter line. In deeper/faster water or where you need a little more casting distance, 1/8oz will work well with ultra light to light spinning gear up to 8lb test. 

These aren't just deadly on shad, we use them for all panfish species and even trout. Excellent ice fishing jigs for all species. The 1/64oz size is also perfect for catching "gaspereaux" aka Blue Back Herring and Alewife on the fly.


Let the dart sink down to just above where the shad are laying, then retrieve with a sharp twitch, let it sink a little and repeat.  After the spawn, the shad will hit more actively and a steady retrieve with little twitches is effective as well. Vary your retrieve and dart weight until you find what works best. 


Package of 2 shad darts for $3.99

We can make almost any color combination possible, with natural or synthetic hair or all flash tail and shad darts up to 3/4oz for other species. Send us an email if you have a custom request.



(Made when ordered, may not be immediately available to ship)



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