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Premium Bucktail Jigs

  • $6.00 CAD

Made with a larger and stronger hook than available on other bucktail jigs and finished with the most durable finish available that will not flake off and is very chip resistant. (Add a 6" grub for a trailer and you have a killer striper lure!)

Please allow up to 2 weeks (usually 1 week or less) for delivery as these jigs are very time consuming to make at this level of quality.

One of our customers reports catching well over 150 Miramichi stripers on one of our jigs before the fish had chewed some of the bucktail up to the threads and the paint job is still in great shape as you can see in the picture below! Our bucktail won't pull out like mass produced jigs either. The cost per fish is very low with our durable bucktail jigs compared to soft plastics. These are the essential Miramichi striped bass lures! 


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