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Inline Spinners

  • $4.49 CAD

Custom made by ECA. We've come up with these trophy catching inline spinners after many years of experimenting with different styles. These spinners catch fish and big ones at that! Our diamond blade Pickerel Special has won tournaments and consistently puts the biggest pickerel in the boat! No doubt it will put big bass and large lake trout/brown trout in the boat too. Our other spinners are sized just right for optimal casting distance and to catch trophy trout, bass, pickerel, landlocks and large panfish in rivers and lakes. French blades give more lift for slower presentations in shallower water. Willow leaf blades are better for deeper/moving water and or faster retrieves in shallow water. We use sticky sharp trebles and thicker wire shafts than mass produced spinners to reduce the likelihood of kinks and bends in the shift from hard fighting fish and unhooking. Remember to always get your spinner moving as soon as it hits the water and keep your rod tip up to prevent snagging. Lift your rod tip if you start to feel bottom contact to give the spinner more speed and thus more lift upwards. 

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