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Pro Leaders

  • $3.99 CAD

Over 2 decades of experience chasing trophy striped bass have taught us some hard lessons of what not to do when making leaders, but you don't have to go through 20 years of trial and error or sleepless nights dreaming about the big one that broke your snap or rubbed through your leader on the rocks when you use East Coast Angler Pro Leaders! Available in multiple lengths for boat anglers, light tackle shore anglers and surf casting/spinning. We use only high quality components and fluorocarbon or extra tough mono leader material. Our clips and swivels will not fail and our leader material will hold up against some of the worst structure you can find. Miramichi anglers report to us that over 150 bass and not one nick on the leader or re-tie needed. All leaders are 50/60lb minimum material rating with higher rated components. Our Fluorocarbon leaders also stand up to muskie have not experienced one bite off in our experience. (7 strand leaders available soon)