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Rubba Jigs

  • $7.99 CAD

A new spin on the ol' classic bucktail jig, with rubber (silicone) skirts, so we're calling them Rubba' Jigs! Freshwater bass anglers all know skirted jigs and spinnerbaits have great action and durability, but large skirted jigs are hard to find in saltwater sized jigs, so we make up our own skirts, piece by piece, color by color until they're just right! These jigs have such great action and movement in the water and are ultra durable due to their careful construction. Great jigs for trolling or for casting and retrieving just off the bottom. We make and customize these lure skirts adding flash and colors you won't find on other baits and these skirts won't fall off or fall apart unless rubber banded skirts. Our curly tail trailers are built in, reducing bulk and lasting much longer than soft plastics, but you can always add your preferred trailer bait on as well. More colors and sizes to come, but as always, we can do most custom colors!


(Made when ordered, may not be immediately available to ship)




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